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Social Media Ads- SZI Technologies

Social Media Ads are the new form of advertising that gets you direct response, brand awareness and also a positive ROI. With every passing week the concept, practice and use of the social media advertising technology has become powerful. This form of advertising identifies, captures, and allures new customers and at the same time increases lifetime value of existing customer. Advertising makes sense to your business and as per the recent trends LinkedIn advertising, Facebook advertising and Twitter advertising adds more to online presence than any other forms of advertising.

SZI Technologies Brings Best Social Media Advertising Kolkata

Social network advertising Kolkata is a great aid for small businesses to reach their target customers. This form of advertising is comparatively the best affordable solution for people with a budget stretched thin. Any social networking site like Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more have immeasurable reach. Facebook advertising for instance reach 699 million daily active users. Likewise, Twitter has an active presence of 271 million users. By using the best possible strategy and right advertisement, we at SZI Technologies ensure that your message, your business and your idea reaches the right platform on the right device at the right time. From us you get:

  • • Self generating insights on social advertising
  • • Simplified and optimized social marketing strategies
  • • Constant research and feedback on advertisement types and targeting options
  • • Image, text and ad placement testing

Our Social Media Ads Kolkata Are Online Presence

At SZI Technologies, we collaborate with the best technology platforms to ensure that all your social network advertising campaigns are delivered effectively and efficiently. We also ensure that their value is properly measured. Here we work on Social media advertising India and abroad. Our work is also in tandem with world class SEO, SEM, and display. This is done to guarantee a delivery of unfailing and high quality user experience.

Social media has transformed the way in which brands interact. All types of companies can leverage the power of social media. For better benefits in your promotional efforts, social media ads are necessary. To learn more or to hire us, call us today!